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Peach Designs specializes in creating graphic designs, video’s and websites. Peach Designs always strives for professionalism and perfection.


Company video's, Event video's and more...


Posters, Logo's, and more...


Custom made with a corporate identity.


Custom webshops with a good corporate identity.

And more…

Take a look and let yourself be admired.

About us

Peach designs is a company founded in 2018 by Richard Wiering. Richard has been involved in graphic design and videography from an early age. When he started doing this, he didn’t know that money would be satisfied with this until he discovered that he could turn his passion for graphic design into his own professional company.

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360° branding

We make and design all sorts of websites. From informative websites to extensive webshops.

We make also Dashboards and librarys but you can contact us for this type of sites.

to serve you...

Do you have any questions or do you wont a website, video or custom design? We will help you out! You can mail us on our contact page and send your question or make a appointment so we can drink a coffee on Zoom!


If you like social media you can contact us Instagram and send a direct message!

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